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Sehn, at your service. It's all U2 from here. .....................................................................

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”i think it’s a miracle that U2 are still together and alive and making records, considering the odds against us.  bit of a miracle, that. I’m not saying it in a profound sense but certainly knowing that we got this far convinces me that there must be things at work.” - adam, 1992

happy 38th, u2 (25th september 1976 )

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38 years ago a bunch of teenage weirdos hung out in a kitchen in Dublin and tried to play some tunes and I’m really really grateful this was a thing that happened

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U2, 38 years of perfection.

Happy Birthday, my dears!

There’s a lot of things I could write here, but I’m so happy now that I can’t express myself! I love you more than anything! ♥

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The thing that keeps me sane is knowing that, when they take Songs of Innocence on tour, and the lights go down in the arena and the music starts, and tens of thousands of U2 fans LOSE THEIR MINDS as the bands goes up on stage, it won't matter fuck all what a bunch of angry assholes who can't handle a free album in their iTunes thinks about anything. They're waiting around for their favorite bands to become legends (which will be never). At the end of the day, we have U2 and they don't.

:……) You’re right!!! yeah!!! <3 This makes me feel so much better. You know, it’s people like you who make it worthwhile too, that’s another reason why I love U2- is the fans. You’re so kind, thank you so much : )

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in retrospect watching world war z at 4 in the morning alone was not a good plan

but muse though???

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 said: I can’t stop listening to that album. It’s sooooo good! <3

IKR?! it gets better with every listen!

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