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Sehn, at your service. It's all U2 from here. .....................................................................

Ok it’s official: My professor is super awesome.

Today in class I wore a U2 shirt. (big surprise) While we were working I was asking him for help and he noticed my shirt and asked ‘so do you like U2?’ I replied ‘yes!” then he asked: ‘do you have itunes?” i was like ‘yeesssss’ with a big stupid grin on my face. We proceeded to talk about SOI and it was great.

So then he said: ‘Yeah I saw U2 during their first tour in America way back when.’ I LITERALLY ALMOST CRIED. Boy tour guys. THE BOY TOUR. He joked about how back then the place was only half full because they weren’t as popular then. He said his friend was on the U2 crew and thats how he knew/got in. Whaaaatttt. Unreal. I told him that I saw U2 for the 360 tour and it was awesome.

Then he goes: “Oh yeah I also saw them in DC a while ago for that… what was it… Zoo…?…tour?”

That was the moment I lost my shit.

He started talking about the trabants and god help me I just want to ask him 1 billion questions!!!

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You know what? It’s like that new thing on Facebook now that when you scroll down your dash and a video starts playing automatically. Just like a certain u2 album that has been uploaded to your cloud. Yes, it’s there! It exists, it has been placed before you. But there is no sound, it is not playing. You simply scroll past the video and it stops. No one has forced you to listen.  : ) Just delete it and move on with your life : )

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I’m a good person why aren’t I dating a band member

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My new desktop wall paper : 3


thequeenssavior replied to your post: thequeenssavior replied to your post: …

maybe try downloading it again?

i can’t D: D:

prays someone uploads it as a pdf

hey anyone have the pdf Booklet they can send us please

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nooooo my Digital booklet pdf thingy isnt working : C can anyone send it to me???? pls??

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