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Sehn, at your service. It's all U2 from here. .....................................................................

Fangirl Challenge: »Scene that made you laugh: Killing Bono

"You're Looking at U2- That is so SHITE!".

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enjoy my dumb face and stupid laugh ha h a sorry

Put your U2 library on shuffle and have the first song that plays be the background music!

1. State your username, real name, age (if you like)
where you’re from (be as specific or non-specific as you like!), and a fun fact about yourself that isn’t U2-related.

2. Pronounce the following:
U2, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., Paul David Hewson, David Howell Evans, Zooropa, Discothèque, MOFO, Salomé, An Cat Dubh, Rattle and Hum, Anton Corbijn, Mount Temple, Slane, Red Rocks, Live Aid, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Paul McGuinness, Guggi, musical journey!

3. Which U2 member is your favorite? If you can’t choose a favorite, describe what you love most about each of them or a handful of them!

4. Do the same as #2 for your favorite song, song performed LIVE, B-side, tour, and U2 era or eras.

5. How did you get into U2? How long have you been a fan?

6. Have you been to a concert? If yes, describe the experience!

7. Which U2 song(s) would you want played at your wedding? At your funeral?

8. If you could only listen to one U2 album for the rest of your life, which would it be?

9. You’re at a U2 concert and Bono pulls you up on stage! He asks if you want to do a song with them. You immediately say yes— what song do you play with them? What instrument are you playing; are you singing?

10.  If you could go back in time to a specific concert or tour, where would you go back to?

11. Poof, you are attending Mount Temple in the 70s — so are our favorite four! Who would you want to be closest to, in friendship or otherwise?

12. Poof, two members of U2 are your dads. Which two do you think would produce you and which two would you want to be your dads? These aren’t necessarily the same answer!

13. Let’s face it, each of them are superstars — name a song or songs where each of them really stand out as MVP! (For example, Bono is at his best on X while Adam really shines on X)


and here’s the WOWY i’m talking about: (x)

14. Use this space to freak out about the upcoming album!

15. Say anything you want! Sign off with one of your favorite lyrics :)

Tag it with “U2 meme”!

This is so cute! I love your hair : D

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The Edge (74/100) 

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Elton John Oscar’ s Party 2013

Bono at New York Fashion Week Fall, February 7 2013 

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