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Sehn, at your service. It's all U2 from here. .....................................................................

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U2 are planning an April release for their new album, which they will announce with a commercial during the Super Bowl.

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When you say Baby Bono

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Christiania Sports Club - Copenhagen, Denmark

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When this album first came out I wasn’t much of a fan of it. Now I can’t seem to get enough of it! #nowspinning #u2 #zooropa #vinyl #recordcollection #love 1993

Bono turns out to be ditto

… or would it be Adam

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when there’s no one else but me at home

I’ll go into my room

and shut the door

and close all the windows

and turn off the lights


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OH YEAH! I had another U2 dream! haha

It’s so weird but… whatever. : D it’s U2!!! <3

So me and the band were trying to get to a show. (so exciting!) I was in the back of this huge pickup truck. And when I say huge I mean HUGE. Monster truck huge. But it was just me, and the driver started driving away without U2! So the band started running after the truck to try and get in the back with me. Adam caught up first and I reached down my hand and pulled him in. Then I helped Larry up and Edge climbed in himself. There was just Bono left, but the truck was increasing speed as we went. He tried to jump and reach but he was just too short! (poor baby!) We all tried to grab his hand but the truck was just too fast and he stopped running and gave up. I leaned over to the driver’s window and banged on it yelling: “Hey slow down! You left Bono behind!” The driver was like oh… okay. And he slowed down. I turned back and then I saw that everyone was gone! Adam and Larry and Edge weren’t in the truck with me! I looked over and saw that they were with Bono. So I guess they all jumped out… which wasn’t good because we had to get to the concert! They all started running after the truck again and Edge and Larry and Adam all got in AGAIN. But Bono still couldn’t get in! I yelled at the driver to stop but instead he sped up! Jerk. Edge, Larry, Adam and me were all trying to get him to stop driving. Then I turned around… and right before my dream faded away, I saw Bono grab on to the edge of the truck!

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